Students of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Bachelor of Real Estate of Daffodil International University (DIU) organized a day long trip under the course of “Art of Living” on March 12, 2016 at ‘The National Memorial’ and ‘Jahangirnagar University’ under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Nujhat Afrin, Senior Lecturer, and Mr. A S M Humayun Morshed, Lecturer, Department of English.

The trip was held as a part of the university’s outdoor participatory assignment to help the students perceived from different evaluation that intellectual ability needs to be exercised to develop practical based better performance in their real life situation, where 30 students of EEE 11th Batch (Evening) and 15 students of BRE Department were attended.


At first they reached at the National Memorial and sang the National Anthem of Bangladesh to show respect to all those who gave their lives in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.After visiting the whole area they moved to the Jahangirnagar University. The students visited around the Academic Building, Hall, Playground, Mukto-moncho and they took some foods at bottola transport. The Main attraction of the trip was the drama named ‘Gum Vut Pipra’, performed by Jolsiri the theater group of JU which as part of the cultural festive of ‘Jolshiri Cultural fair 2016’. Students and teachers enjoyed the comedy based drama at evening with thousands of people in ‘Mukto-moncho and they ended up the day with the warm appreciation and valuable memories they have achieved from the wonderful experiences.


As a participatory assignment of the course ‘Art of Living’ Students are inspired to develop self esteem and think out of the box in every aspect of the life. Therefore, the aim of the course is to bring the students beyond the theory classes and to gain real time experiences enhancing the career goal. It was a great day for both of EEE and BRE department’s students collaborated by their enthusiastic honorable faculty members Ms. Nujhat Afrin and Mr. Humayun Morshed who activated their compassionate approaches for the betterment of the students.

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