Spelling Bee Competition & Colorful Cultural Carnival of ELC at Daffodil International University

Champion prize winner Azmeri Zaman is receiving prizs from Nahid Kaiser, cordinator of ELC Club of Daffodil International Univrsity

Once again ELC (English Literary Club) of Daffodil International University has come with a colorful cultural program on 16th October, 2012 at DIU auditorium. It was a day long program from 11.00am-6.00 pm. Students was waiting from the very beginning of the month to enjoy the program.

ELC usually arranges this type of cultural programs in every semester. But this time it has extremely entertained everyone including the faculty members, students, staffs and who not? The program consisted of two parts. In the first part there was a “Spelling Bee” competition and the second one was the cultural part. However, “Spelling Bee” is a competition where participants have to spell and pronounce the words and their meanings correctly. It was season-3 of the competition and there were 22 groups (each consisted of 3 members) and 5 rounds in the competition. After a tough fight 3 groups reached in the final round. It was also very tough for the judges to select the winners because all the finalists were best. Azmeri Zaman, Beauty Akter and Jannatul Ferdous (English Department) were the champion group; they were handed over exciting prizes and certificates by the honorable judges. Besides, the runners up teams also got prizes. However, before the competition there was a workshop for it on 13th October at 02.30 pm (arranged by ELC) for the betterment of the participants.

A sequence of a drama titled Mukh book kingdom- stage at the cultual curnival performed by the members of ELC of Daffodil International University

After the first part, the most exciting part, that is the cultural part started at 02.00pm with a huge response of the excited audiences of the auditorium. The auditorium was overloaded by the audiences. The gorgeous carnival consisted of jokes, songs, tribal and salsa dance, riddles, melodrama, ramp show and so on. The crowd became louder and louder with the excellent performances. The whole program was successfully hosted by Syed Raihan-Ul-Islam, President of ELC and Eiten. One of the most accepted and surprising parts of the show was Ms. Veronika’s (Russian Lecturer of English Dept) amazing performance on Bangla song. Students were overwhelmed to see their teacher performing! Also there was an extremely funny melodrama, named “Wow Dulal & Innocent Alal”( princes of facebook kingdom!!!), staged by the brilliant performers of English Department. Afterward, the audiences also enjoyed the riddles and got some prizes by answering them. At last but not the least, the Ramp show started which was the main attraction of the event. The ramp was not like the others but quite different because ELC has brought up the literary characters on the stage like- Amit & Labonno (Shesher Kobita) , Devdas,chondromukhi & Parvati (Devdas), Mrittunjoy & Bilashi ( Bilashi) and specially Kuber & Kopila( Padma Nodir Majhi). Everyone was surprised and thrilled to see the magic of our Bangla literature over the stage, through a ramp show. Once again, everyone was reminded about our own rich and magical literature.

A sequece of Cultural Curnival performed by Russian guest faculty Ms.Veronika Minina, Syed Raihan and Ethen of ELC of Daffodil International University

Like the starting, the carnival ended with a huge response too. Nahid Kaiser, the coordinator of ELC thanked everyone to enjoy the show and for making it more successful by their positive response. It is to mention that, it was one of the most successful and well decorated cultural shows, organized by ELC club, DIU.

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