Students at Chemical Analysis Lab

Based on the R&D Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement between BCSIR Dhaka and Daffodil International University a team comprising 24 students of 4th year 2nd batch of Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering, DIU visited BCSIR Laboratories at Chittagong and Sub-station Research center at Rangamati on 22nd and 23 June 2013 respectively. The team was guided by Dr. K.M. Formuzul Haque, Professor & Head, NFE and associated by a NFE Member Syed Noor Alam Co-ordination Officer.


Dr. K.M. Formuzul Haque, Professor & Head, NFE introducing students with Director BCSIR Lab Dr. Jaripha Begum

On 22nd June 2013 at 7.0 a.m the whole group of students and teacher reached at BCSIR Guest House, Baluchora, Chittagong. On same day at 10.0 a.m. the students started their journey from Chittagong Guest House to BCSIR Sub-station Research Center at Rangamati. During this journey from Chittagong to Rangamati was very pleasant due to beautiful natural scenario hilly & Rubber garden both side of the road. At 12.0 clock they reached at Rangamati Sub-station center and took their lunch. After that they visited Medicinal plants and lemon grass oil extraction plant over there. At Rangamati the whole team also visited some attractive tourism places such as hanging bridge, Rangamati lake, Rajmoni Bihar, Buddhist Temple and 6 0 clock they again returned to BCSIR Guest House at Chittagong.


Dr. K.M. Formuzul Haque, Professor & Head, NFE handing over a crest on behalf of Daffodil International University to Dr. Jaripha Begum,Director BCSIR Lab

Next day on 23rd June, all the students reached at BCSIR Lab Chittagong and the Director BCSIR Lab Dr. Jaripha Begum welcomed all the students since they arrived at the office premises. The Director requested to make two groups among the students and assigned with them with two individual scientists for visiting the Lab. During their visit in BCSIR Lab Chittagong the students were visited the following Labs: such as (a) Food Toxicological analysis lab, (b) Modern Equipments Analytical Lab (this lab. Equipped with most modern and latest instruments which was funded by ADB Project such as High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer Mass Spectrophtometer (LCMSMS), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), UV Spectro Photometer), (c) Extraction of Menthol from Mint plant, (d) Modern Microbiological Lab, (e) Extraction of Flavor Essence and oils from herbal plants, (f) Animal House for vivo study of the new product (rat, mice, guinea pig, rabbit), where animal breeding and new sample test feeding are being done. (g) Medicinal plants herbarium and herbal product development lab. In each Lab students were given demonstration by the expert scientists and the noted down all the necessary information in to note book.


Students along with officials of BCSIR at Lab  premises

End of the visiting Lab all the student were seated in the conference room and the Director BCSIR Lab Chittagong, Dr. Jaripha Begum addressed to the students of NFE, DIU and briefly described what activities are going on in BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong. Later on she concluded this program with some refreshments. On behalf of the Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering Dr. K.M.Formuzul Haque Professor & Head, thanked to the Director for giving this type of facilities for the students of NFE, DIU. Lastly, the Head of the Dept. handed over a DIU logo Crest to the Director of BCSIR Lab ctg. The Director BCSIR Lab was very happy and she showed her keen interest in future if the students of DIU desire to carry out joint Research Project or individual R&D works at BCSIR lab in Chittagong that BCSIR Lab Chittagong will give all sorts assistance and cooperation in this regard.

At 2 o clock after taking lunch at BCSIR Guest house the students again started their journey to see the Chittagong Vatiary Cantonment Lake and enjoyed the natural beauty over there. All the students reached at Potenga Sea Beach at 5 p.m.  At 7.0 p.m. the students reached at Chittagong Rail Station for return to Dhaka. During this two days trip to BCSIR Laboratories Chittagong & Rangamati the students gained sufficient knowledge about Lab analysis, product development and animal feeding trial. The students and teacher in this Dept. of NFE are very grateful to the University authority for getting permission and financial assistance to make success the whole program.

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