Atique-E-Rabbani, Managing Director of The Computer Limited, Syed Alamgir, CEO of Meghna Group of Industries (FMCG), Prof. Dr. Abhijit Mitra, Director of Research at Techno India University, India, Prof. Dr.  Goutam Sengupta, Vaterian PMP, Instructor & Coach, Former General Manager at Philips,  Prof. Dr. Kisor Ray, Director General of Techno India University (TIU), Mirza Muhammad Masud Rana, Senior Manager & Head of Supply Chain Management are seen at icddr,b. and Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Group CEO of Daffodil Family" at the seminar on Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: Transforming Operations in the Digital Age." organized by Bangladesh Skill Development Institute.


Shedding light on the critical issues of supply chain risk management and the transformative potential of block chain technology in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, Daffodil International University in collaboration with Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) and Techno India University, West Bengal, India organized a seminar titled "Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: Transforming Operations in the Digital Age." today on 25 April 2024 at 71 Milonayoton of Daffodil Tower at Dhanmondi in the capital. The seminar aimed to dissect the intricate relationship between supply chain risk management and the innovative potential of blockchain." Esteemed speakers from various sectors shared insights and strategies to mitigate risks and optimize operational efficiency. Keynote speakers for the event included: K. Atique-E-Rabbani, Managing Director of The Computer Limited,  Syed Alamgir, CEO of Meghna Group of Industries (FMCG),  Prof.(DR.) Abhijit Mitra, Director of Research at Techno India University, WB,  Prof.(DR.) Goutam Sengupta, Vaterian PMP, Instructor & Coach, Former General Manager at Philips,  Prof.(DR.) Kisor Ray, Director General of Techno India University (TIU), Mirza Muhammad Masud Rana, Senior Manager & Head of Supply Chain Management at icddr,b. As esteemed guests, the seminar also welcomed Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Group CEO of Daffodil Family. The event featured engaging sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions, providing attendees with actionable insights and networking opportunities.

 Empowering Tomorrow's Businesses: Navigating the Supply Chain Revolution with Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Sengupta: Seminar Illuminates the Crucial Role of Supply Chain in Industrial Progress: Insights by Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Sengupta. Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Sengupta is a renowned academician with expertise in supply chain management. With a distinguished career spanning decades, he has contributed significantly to the field through his research, publications, and educational endeavors. Prof. Sengupta's insights are highly sought-after by industry professionals and academia alike, making him a prominent figure in discussions surrounding supply chain optimization and innovation.

 In a compelling seminar, esteemed academician Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Sengupta shed light on the pivotal significance of supply chain management amidst the backdrop of industrial revolutions. With an audience comprised of industry leaders, scholars, and enthusiasts, Prof. Sengupta navigated through the intricate evolution of supply chain practices over the past century and underscored its burgeoning influence on modern business landscapes.

 "Supply chain intricacies transcend mere logistics; they are the lifeblood of industrial progression," stated Prof. Sengupta. "Our current Bangladeshi businesses are poised to assume an increasingly expansive role in the global market. However, this trajectory hinges upon our adeptness in leveraging and innovating supply chain methodologies."

 Emphasizing the indispensability of modernization, Prof. Sengupta elucidated how technological advancements can serve as catalysts for revitalizing supply chain ecosystems. "In today's fiercely competitive era, complacency is not an option. Failure to modernize supply chain practices will inevitably relegate Bangladesh to the periphery of global commerce," he cautioned.

 Throughout the seminar, Prof. Sengupta delved into the intricacies of supply chain management, elucidating key challenges and offering pragmatic solutions for enhancement. The interactive session witnessed spirited discussions as participants from diverse backgrounds engaged in a robust exchange of ideas, fostering a collaborative atmosphere aimed at charting a course towards supply chain excellence.

The seminar not only provided invaluable insights but also served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration and driving actionable strategies to propel Bangladesh's business landscape into the future.

 Unlocking Economic Potential: Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Mitra Expounds on Marine Supply Chain Innovation

Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Mitra, Director of Research at Techno India University, West Bengal, delivered a compelling discourse on the transformative power of marine supply chain management during a seminar hosted Drawing upon his extensive expertise, Prof. Mitra illuminated how harnessing the potential of marine supply chains can catalyze economic growth and reshape industrial practices.  "In today's interconnected world, the marine supply chain stands as a potent catalyst for economic advancement," remarked Prof. Mitra. "Yet, its potential remains largely untapped, particularly in regions like Bangladesh and India."

 With a keen focus on practical examples, Prof. Mitra elucidated the pivotal role of efficient seaports, streamlined shipping systems, and robust logistics networks in optimizing marine supply chain operations. He underscored the imperative of leveraging digitization and skilled manpower to maximize efficiency and profitability.

 "The key to unlocking economic prosperity lies in the seamless integration of maritime infrastructure and cutting-edge management practices," emphasized Prof. Mitra. "By swiftly implementing strategies for sea-based supply chain management, businesses can unlock new avenues for growth and innovation." Throughout his address, Prof. Mitra delved into the tools and methodologies essential for effective marine supply chain management, offering actionable insights for industry stakeholders. From technological advancements to strategic management approaches, his comprehensive analysis provided a roadmap for harnessing the full potential of marine supply chains.

 The seminar served as a platform for fostering collaboration and dialogue, empowering participants to explore new avenues for economic development through innovative supply chain practices.

 Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: Prof. (Dr.) Kisor Ray Advocates Blockchain Technology:

Prof. (Dr.) Kisor Ray, Director General of Techno India University (TIU), delivered a groundbreaking address at a seminar heralding the transformative potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing supply chain management. With an audience comprising industry leaders, scholars, and innovators, Prof. Ray elucidated how blockchain technology can serve as a panacea for myriad challenges plaguing modern supply chain ecosystems.

 "In the digital age, blockchain technology emerges as a game-changer, offering unparalleled solutions to enhance transparency, efficiency, and security across supply chains," declared Prof. Ray. "It is imperative for businesses to embrace blockchain technology as a cornerstone for consumer-friendly security and operational risk mitigation."

 Highlighting the multifaceted benefits of blockchain technology, Prof. Ray emphasized its role in enhancing transparency, accountability, and origin tracking while ensuring sustainability and security throughout the production lifecycle. "Blockchain technology transcends industry boundaries, offering a universal solution to bolster security and traceability," he remarked.

 Prof. Ray's address delved into the intricacies of implementing blockchain technology within supply chain management frameworks, offering practical insights for seamless integration. From enhancing product traceability to safeguarding against counterfeiting, his comprehensive analysis outlined a roadmap for leveraging blockchain's transformative potential.

 "The adoption of blockchain technology heralds a new era of security enhancement, opening unprecedented horizons for innovation and collaboration," Prof. Ray concluded.

 The seminar provided a dynamic platform for dialogue and collaboration, empowering participants to harness blockchain technology as a catalyst for supply chain excellence.

 The last question and answer session was organized where all the attendees enthusiastically participated in the session and the respected keynotes speakers gave their answers on various topics. Other invited speaker guests also praised the seminar and mentioned their views about it.


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