In an era characterized by the relentless expansion of digital technology and the escalating sophistication of cyber threats, the upcoming Cyber Security Awareness Day 2023, organized jointly by Daffodil International University and the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), stands as a significant and timely initiative. Scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Daffodil Smart City in Birulia, Savar, Dhaka, this day-long program encompasses ten distinct events, each meticulously designed to address various facets of the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.

The inauguration ceremony sets the tone for the day, featuring a remarkable lineup of dignitaries, with Mr. Shyam Sunder Sikder, Chairman of BTRC, serving as the Chief Guest. Dr. Musfiq Mannan Choudhury, Commissioner of BTRC, will deliver the keynote address on "Cybersecurity Challenges for Developing Nations," while Professor Dr. M. Lutfar Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of DIU, holds the role of Session Chair. With the presence of esteemed figures such as Prof Dr. Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam and Professor Dr. S.M. Mahbub Ul Haque Majumder, the ceremony is poised to convey the gravity of the cyber security issue.

Following the inauguration, participants can immerse themselves in two highly informative technical sessions. These sessions, led by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda and Brig Gen Mohammad Khalil-Ur-Rahman, delve into the intricacies of contemporary cyber security trends, challenges, and solutions. Engr. Sheikh Reaz Ahmed, Commissioner of Spectrum Division at BTRC, will provide insights on this critical subject. These sessions are crucial for grasping the rapidly changing cyber security landscape and the need for adaptive security measures.

The next segment presents a platform for enlightening seminars. Prof. Dr. M Shamim Kaiser will lead the discussion on "Cyberbullying," featuring a keynote speech by Mr. Aftab Hossain, Head of JMC at DIU. The event garners further distinction with the presence of Mr. Abu Syed Diljar Hussain, Commissioner of the Legal & Licensing Division at BTRC. Their discussions will shed light on the ever-growing issue of online harassment and the essentiality of addressing it in the cybersecurity context.

The day continues with additional technical sessions, where the focus shifts to exploring the vulnerabilities in code and the compromised quality of software. Mr. A.J.M. Imtiajur Rahman, a senior chief engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh, will unravel the intricacies of this significant security threat. This session will be highly relevant for software developers, highlighting the necessity of producing secure code and ensuring the quality of software products.

A crucial panel discussion, titled "Cyber Preparedness of Network Systems for the Private and Government Sector", promises to be a focal point of the event. It will feature prominent figures such as Mr. Muhammad Zakir Hasan, Executive Director (ICTD) at Bangladesh Bank, and Brig Gen Mohammad Khalil-Ur-Rahman, Director General (Systems & Services) at BTRC. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Dean of FSIT at DIU, the panel will navigate the intricacies of securing network systems for both private and government entities.

The evening seminar will tackle the paramount issue of "Cyber Hygiene: Stay Safe in the Digital World," with Mr. Reshedul Islam, Head of Information Systems Audit at EBL, leading the discourse. Accompanied by Mr. Mohammed Ishaque Miah, Chief Information Security Officer at Bangladesh Bank, this seminar explores practical guidelines for individuals to remain secure in a digital environment

The event will draw to a close with the Closing & Prize Distribution Ceremony, featuring a captivating keynote speech by Engr. Md. Mushfiqur Rahman, an Adviser at the Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation, shedding light on "Cyberonomics Risk: How Much is Too Much." This segment will showcase a diverse array of distinguished figures from various backgrounds, underscoring the urgency of comprehending the economic dimensions of cyber risk. Prizes for the three contests, which include CTF, Google Hacking Contest, and Project Showcasing, will be awarded. The esteemed Chief Guest for this ceremony will be Engr. Md. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Vice-Chairman of BTRC, while Engr. Sheikh Reaz Ahmed, Commissioner of Spectrum Division at BTRC, will offer valuable insights into this critical subject. These sessions are pivotal for gaining insight into the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape and the imperative for adaptive security measures. Notable special guests include Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, Dean of CUET, Lt. Col. S M Rezaur Rahman, Director (Systems & Services Division), and A. S. M. Khairuzzaman, Deputy Managing Director & COO of CCBL.

In its entirety, Cyber Security Awareness Day 2023 promises to be a comprehensive and informative event that brings together industry experts, professionals, students, and enthusiasts. The program reflects the escalating need for awareness, preparation, and vigilance in an increasingly interconnected digital society. The Department of Software Engineering and the Department of Information Technology and Management at Daffodil International University are actively participating in the successful organization of this event. It is a significant step toward building a safer and more secure digital future, and all interested individuals are warmly encouraged to attend at the Daffodil Smart City on October 21, 2023.

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