Students of English Department  participating in two days Youthmapperstraining at DIU campus arranged by Department of English

Daffodil International University has just been approved as 11th formal Youthmappers chapter in Bangladesh with the initiative of Department of English.
YouthMappers is an international university networksupported by USAID GeoCenter with the goal to encourage students to participate in humanitarian mapping initiatives. The network supports university efforts to provide meaningful experiences to learn globally, build a socially engaged citizenry, enhance long-term scientific capacity around the world, and foster youth leadership.
Students of English Department have participated on two days Youthmapperstraining at DIU campus arranged by Department of English, in August 01 to 02, 2019.Through this training, students have learned how to edit maps inOpenStreetMap using Id editor and JOSM and how to collect data by using Kobo Toolbox, field paper and Mapillary app with lots of innovative technical dimensions which were unknown to them before this training. Ms. MalihaBinteMohiuddin who is working as a Regional Ambassador has conducted the whole two days training. There were 16 students and 3 faculty members altogether who have received the training.

Finally, Department of English officially introducing a youthmappers chapter which is “Youthmappers at Daffodil International University”.The Purpose of Youthmappers at Daffodil international University is to grant students the opportunity to improve skills in the field of mapping and create open geographic data and analyses that address locally defined development challenges worldwide. Their vision is to cultivate a generation of young students to become leaders in creating resilient communities and empowering them to define their world by mapping it.The chapter will strive to exchange and collaborate with other Youthmappers chapters and youth groups worldwide while also offering themselves as a resource and service to Daffodil International University student organizations and their local community to add value through mapping.  Any student currently enrolled in Daffodil International University is eligible for membership.
Ms. FarihaSharmin, Lecturer of Department of English is the convener of Youthmappers at Daffodil International University. Youthmappers at Daffodil International University formed an executive committeewith the overseen of MdRakibulHasan Khan, Head, Department of English.
Executive Committee:
    President - Md Asif Iqbal Saikot, 40th Batch, Department of English
    Vice President - Ayman Anika, 46th Batch, Department of English
    Secretary – TithiBanik, 40th Batch, Department of English
    Treasurer – Esha Sheikh, 46th Batch, Department of English
And there are 12 more members.

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