Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder and Chairman of Daffodil International University is presenting Keynote paper at the BFCCI Annual Summit held in Finland.


Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder and Chairman, Daffodil International University (DIU) and Daffodil Family presented his keynote speech at Bangladesh-Finland Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BFCCI) Annual Summit held on 22nd August 2019 at Opinmäki, Espoo in Finland.

More than two hundred representatives from business firms, academic institutions as well as Finnish ministries and over 20 Finnish companies/universities such as Nokia Networks, Fortum, Wärstilä, Reima, Tieto, Kone, Aalto University etc. participated in the event; and discussed the bi-lateral business potential and academic collaboration between Bangladesh and Finland. By this networking, Daffodil will be able to explore multiple benefits in the near future.

Veronika Honkasalo, Member of Parliament of Finland was present on the occasion as the Chief Guest, whereas Sayma Razzaki, First Secretary, Bangladesh Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden was the Special Guest. Kamrul Ahsan, President, BFCCI provided the Welcome Speech. Among others, Tommi Salaspuro, Honorary Consul General, Bangladeshi Consulate General; Birgit Nevala, Director Finnpartnership’s Programme, Finnpartnership; Göran Richardsson, Regional Director, Sales, South Asia, Wärtsilä Energy Business; Petri Alava, CEO, Infinited Fiber Oy; Janne Heinonen, Watermaster, Finland were present as the speakers of the event.

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder and Chairman of Daffodil International University  along with the distinguished guests at the BFCCI Annual Summit held  in Finland.


The topic of Dr. Khan’s presentation was: “Academic collaboration between Bangladesh and Finland: How both countries can be mutually benefited”, where relationship between Bangladesh and Finland, as well as, business prospects, contribution of present government of Bangladesh, bilateral ties, policy and development in higher education and science, scope for Bangladeshi students in Finnish universities, possible academic cooperation, emergence of private universities, research, globalization, technology, DIU Model in Education and entrepreneurship development, scopes for DIU and Finnish universities, role of NRBs in Finland were covered.

Finland is one of the most developed countries with 5.21 million people but 3 times more than Bangladesh (3,38,424 sq. Km), per capita income us$46,550 i.e 22 times than rising Bangladesh. Since inception, Daffodil International University is focusing to explore opportunities in European universities for DIU students and graduates.

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