DIU LiveCode team in the 38th Thailand TESOL International Conference, 2018, held at The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Along with the well-known ELT expert, Professor Claire Bradin Siskin, DIU faculty members Ms. Shamsi Ara Huda, Assistant Professor and Ms. Sadia Zafrin Lia, Lecturer, Department of English presented in the prestigious Thailand International TESOL Conference on “ Digital Literacy In English Language Learning And Teaching”, held at the Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand during 26-27 January, 2018.It was a gathering of a huge number of ELT Professionals all over the world including USA, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, Nepal, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and so on. DIU Alumni Mir Sadia Siddiqua Sifat has also joined the group as a member of DIU LiveCode team. During the presentation, “English on the Go!” the presenters demonstrated the English language learning app brimmEng, developed by DIU LiveCode team. They have also shown some instances of script writing needed to develop the app for the first time of its kind.

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