Professor Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University speaking at the “Meet the Press” program on launching of "Annisul Huq Study Center" and “Daffodil Change Maker Award” held at Daffodil International University.

Daffodil International University introduces "Annisul Huq Study Center" and “Daffodil Change Maker Award”. Daffodil International University and entire Daffodil Family always feel connected with this great departed soul and want to make this relationship eternal through this study center and change maker award. With a view to make the soul of Annisul Huq immortal in this earth Daffodil Family declares to found a study center entitling the name of Late Annisul Huq in the premises of Daffodil International University.

This was disclosed at a “Meet the Press” program held today on December 05, 2017 at the 71 Milonayoton of the university. The Meet the Press was addressed by Professor Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor, Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director of Student Affairs and Ms. Samiha Khan, Director, Daffodil Family. Mr. Ejaju Ur Rahman Sajal of Daffodil Family readout the written speech at the ‘Meet the Press’.
It was informed at the ‘Meet the Press’ that on the day of its 7th Convocation on 10th January 2018 "Annisul Huq Study Center" will be inaugurated. Annisul Huq Study Centre is a domain to attain multiple purposes and will house a photo gallery and books written on and by Annisul Huq. It will also be equipped with a seminar hall with all required facilities. Lectures on Annisul Huq and other renowned national role models' principles will be organized in this centre regularly for the benefit of the students. Annisul Huq Study Centre will also hold inspiring life style and stories of Bangladeshi role models.
It was also informed that the study center will host “Annisul Huq Change Maker Award” to recognize and appreciate people or organizations such as social entrepreneurs, innovators, students, researchers, teachers, business leaders, policy makers and activists that are creating real, meaningful changes with most innovative solutions for individual or social sustainable development to establish holistic peace and happiness.

It was also informed that an exclusive videography and photography exhibition on "A Patriot Change Maker - Annisul Huq " will be hosted from 25-28 January 2018 at DIU campus premises at Ashulia.

Late Annisul Huq as an inspiring role model will also be there in the pages of Art of Living book. DIU will include the "Style of Living of Annisul Huq" in the lesson of Art of Living course to inculcate young souls to be a holistic human being to work for world's wellbeing and happiness.

For further details, please contact:
Md. Ejaj-Ur-Rahaman, Lecturer, Daffodil international University
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile : 01847140054, 01738822694



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