Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University addressing as the chief guest at the Parents Day held today at Daffodil International University permanent campus.

To strengthen the triangular relationship of parents-students and teachers, Daffodil International University (DIU) organized a program under the course of 'Art of Living' with parents titled "Parents Day" held at DIU Permanent Campus today (Friday) on December 01, 2017.
Directorate of Student Affairs of Daffodil International University organized the program as an essential part of Art of Living course where Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman; Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University was present as the chief guest. Presided over by Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahabubul Islam, Vice Chancellor of DIU, the program was also addressed by Professor Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Dean (Permanent Campus). Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju, Director Student Affair's conducted the interactive program where a large number of parents and guardians took part and exchanged their views. Around 3000 students, parents and guardians took part in the day long program.


Students of Daffodil International University washing the feet of their parents promise to stay beside them at their older age at the Parents Day held today at Daffodil International University permanent campus.


The day long program started with national anthem assembled all together. Then the students took formal oath to keep their parents always with them; they would never send them to old home.
Later the students washed the feet of their parents as a symbol of gratitude and loyalty.
The other part of the program was to Embraced parents and children each other and expressed their emotions and feelings. And at a time overall scenario of the campus became very sensational and emotional.


A student embrassing her mother at the Parents Day Program held at Permanent Campus

In the Program DIU Chairman Dr. Md. Sabur Khan said that social norms and values are reducing from society in day by day. Son and daughter are so much busy with their career that they can’t make a phone call to their parents in a day. It’s not good sign for our society. We must try to reduce this culture. For that Daffodil International University introduced the course like "Art of Living" compulsory for all students which is very important and effective for the nation. He also said, three dimensional relationships of Students-parents- teachers can help to improve the moral and ethical values among the students. Daffodil International University always tries to mould the strong feelings of ethics and social values and morality among the students. He urged the guardians to take care of their children and to be more friendly and interactive with them.
Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Yousuf Mahabubul Islam said, to become a real human being is very difficult. To be a perfect human being you must achieve some norms and values. And for achieving this kind of values you must follow your parents’ direction. You must always obey to them. Otherwise you can’t success in life.
In the program Parents and Students have shared their thoughts and emotions. Parents throughout this session appreciated DIU authority that they have organized such great moments where everyone shared their feelings and got the opportunity to meet the higher authorities of DIU and spend some times with them in an intimate environment. This day helped every parents, children and teachers to know each other very well and got the opportunity to know what they want from each other.

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