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Students and Faculty members of the department of Electronics and Telecommunication (ETE) of Daffodil International University along with high officials of  Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Savar, Dhaka pose for a photograph during their Industrial Tour.  


Students of the department of Electronics and Telecommunication (ETE) of Daffodil International University has made an Industrial tour at Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Savar, Dhaka on 16th October, 2017 .The Industrial visit was carried out especially for Level-3 & Level-4 students of the department. The honorable head of the department Prof.Dr.A.K.M Fazlul Hoque had taken initiative to arrange this tour.The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various research institutes works and to relate their studies with the practical field experiments.
The tour was led by Prof. Engr. Dr. Mohammad Quamruzzaman, professor, dept. of ETE and Ex. Director, Institute of Electronics and Director General of AERE. Along with him 6 faculty members from ETE department joined the visit. About 75 students got the opportunity to visit AERE this time.
At the very beginning our students were divided into two groups to visit each institute. The students had the opportunity to visit Reactor Operation and Maintenance Unit (ROMU), Energy Institute (EI),Institute of Computer Science (ICS) and Institute of Electronics (IE).The students went to Tendem Laboratory to see how X-Ray and Gamma -Ray is being generated to test any samples to analyze the quality.
Students also visited VLSI lab where design, development and fabrication of Integrated circuit chips(IC chips) are being carried out. Students had visited BAEC research reactor which has so far been used for carrying out research and development works in various fields of nuclear science and technology. It has also been used for production of isotopes,Conduction of routine operation and maintenance of the reactor and associate systems.
Finally the students gave a tour on Energy institute to see how a solar cell is being fabricated and its various processing steps.
After completing the industrial visit, students have upgraded their practical experience and knowledge at a very high esteem. It was a good learning experience. In each & every department, students got new ideas and new thinking which was very necessary their Personal development.
We extend our heartiest thanks to Atomic Energy research establishment for making this day to cherish for some of the lucky students who are honored with their humble gesture to get an opportunity to visit such an esteemed organization.
After the visit students met with Dr. Eng. Imtiaz Kamal, Director General.AERE and Dr. Himangshu Kumer Ghosh, Director of Institute of Electronics and expressed their gratitude by giving souvenir of Daffodil International University as token of their tour to AERE.

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