Newly enrolled Students of Fall Semester 2018 of the Department of Public Health along with Professor Ahmed Ismail Mostafa,Dean, Faculty of Allied Health Science, Professor Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, Head of the Department of Public Health and other Faculty Members of the Department pose for a photograph at the orientation program


An Orientation Program for the newly admitted Master of Public Health (MPH) students of Fall-2018 Semester was held on September 22, 2018 at Banquet Hall of Daffodil Tower, DIU. Professor Dr. Ahmad Ismail Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) was present as the Chief Guest. The inaugural session of the program was chaired by Prof. Dr. Harun-Ar- Rashid, Professor and Head, Department of Public Health, DIU. All the Faculty Members of the Department were present in the Orientation Program.
Fifty one (51) newly enrolled students attended the Orientation Program. The enrolled students were from various professions: Medical Doctors, Dental Surgeons, Nurses from different hospitals including Armed Forces Medical Service, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Microbiologist and other health related professionals. Among the new students there were 12 foreign students from Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia.  Professor Dr. Ahmad Ismail Mustafa, the Dean of the FAHS inaugurated the program as Chief Guest. In his inaugural speech, he advised new students to acquire required knowledge and skills for handing the emerging global burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Professor Dr. Mustafa assured all sorts of cooperation to the students during their study in the university.

Professor Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, Head of the Department of Public Health delivered his welcome speech at the beginning of the inaugural session of the orientation program. He assured all the new students that the faculty members of the department will help them in completion of their journey to get MPH degree. He also mentioned that administrative professionals of the department as well as the university will extend their cooperation to the new students.
After the inaugural session Professor Dr. Rashid presented the guidelines of the MPH Program containing academic and extracurricular activities. He highlighted the issues like class attendance, assessment systems, advising and counseling, major subject selection, examination procedures, research proposal defense, thesis defense, workshops/seminars, ethical conducts. Dr. ABM Alauddin Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health presented a topic entitled “Digital technology used in MPH Program”. The program was ended with concluding remarks from the Head of the Department.

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